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Learn to ride and get your license endorsement with our professional team...

We are located at The Avenues Mall in Jacksonville where you will learn the Basic Riding Course (BRC) Endorsement for Novice & Beginning Riders.

We've been training riders for 15 years in multiple curriculums ranging from basic to advanced rider course. In the State of Florida, you MUST have a motorcycle endorsement to legally ride a motorcycle.  Florida state requires you to take a safety training course from a state authorized provider. With our training, you will be a confident rider and by successfully completing this course you’ll get your licensing.

This fun and exciting class will put a smile on your face and give you a whole new perspective for your next ride, we take safety very seriously!


If you’re planning on riding for the first time and/or need your license endorsement, we are here to help with certified instructor(s). We want you to be safe and feel comfortable on the road. Our basic course is the MSF Approved Motorcyclist Safety Training Course. Our classroom sections include: Teaching the very latest techniques in safety, maximizing traction management, how to choose proper lines through the turns as well as the psychological aspects of motorcycling like overcoming fear, keeping your concentration and having the right attitude. accident prevention, how to use a clutch, cornering, and braking.

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