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Welcome to Sunstate Motorcycle Training

If you're on this page, you're at a good start. Start your exciting journey as a professional RiderCoach today. If you're intrested please click & complete the employment application and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Now Hiring RiderCoach 

What is a Rider Coach?


Rider Coaches are people like you who love riding motorcycles and want to share that love with others through rider education.  


What makes a good Rider Coach?


A good Rider Coach has the ability to communicate well with others.  Your riding skills are nice,but helping others develop their skills is the purpose of a rider coach.  A good Rider Coach is a life long student striving to be a better rider personally and better facilitator professionally. 


What does the day in the life of a Rider Coach look like? 


Being a Rider Coach is rewarding, but it isn’t always easy.  You are on your feet for many hours with minimal resting periods in all weather conditions.  Florida weather can be cold, hot, wet, cold and wet and we coach in all of it (with exception to lightning and severe storms).  Morning shifts start early, so being a morning person is helpful.  


Not every class is the same.  Some are a breeze and some you will feel like you are working hard.  Some classes you think you are a rockstar coach and some not so much.  If you become a Rider Coach to help riders, all classes are rewarding.  


How do I become a Rider Coach?


Becoming a Rider Coach requires training with Sunstate Motorcycle Training to prepare you for your formal training to become a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Coach authorized to coach in the state of Florida.  SMT charges $1000 for this training and is paid in four milestones.  The cost of the training is reimbursed to you through installments after you have completed your formal training and received your certification.  There is a significant investment into preparing you for your Rider Coach career and we require you to be equally motivated and invested in that training.  


The formal training is conducted by the state trainers periodically throughout the year.  This training may be a consecutive seven day course or possibly a multiple weekend course.  The dates, format, and location of the training varies from class to class.  When the state schedules a class you will be given notice to choose a class that works for you.  Travel and lodging expenses are at your expense.  


What is the pay rate?


SMT currently pays $500/class coached.  As North Florida’s #1 school we have the most classes available to coach. Coaching could be a part time gig to help pay for motorcycle parts or could be a full-time job if this is the right path for you.  

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